- Advanced Structure-Fluid Interactive Technology (Funded by The Korea Ministry of Education
- Noise Reduction Technologies for the Korean High Speed Trains (G7 Project) 
- Development of a Structural Damage Identification Method Based Only on Forced-Vibration Response 
   (Funded by KRF)
- Vibration Simulation Package for Moving Long Strips (Funded by RIST)
- Vibration of Moving Wide Band Strip (Funded by RIST)
- Study of Sensor and Model-Based Damage Diagnosis Method (Funded by KOSEF)
- Vibration Isolation Techniques (Funded by NSV Co.)
- Dynamics of Auatomated Guide Transit Vehicles (Funded by KRRI)
- The Dynamic Stiffness Method in Vibration Enginering(Funded by Royal Society of UK)
- Damage Management and Health-Monitoring (Funded by The Royal Society of UK)
- Theory of Structural Damage Detection
- Spectral Element Methods for Multi-Layered Beams (Funded by Inha University)
- Continuum Damage Mechanics for Structural Members 
Flow-Induced Vibration of Curved 3-Dimensional Pipeline System 
Wave Propagation Methods for Vibration Control 
Power Flows within Structural Members
Moving Mass-Structure Interactive Problems
- Identification of Structural Boundary Conditions
- Identifiction of Structural & Mechanical Joints
- Designing Quite Structures : Theory and Methods
- The Core Technologies for Glass/Mineral-Wool Panel Machines (Funded by I.K. Co.) 
- Development of Vibration-Speaker System (Funded by K.S. Co.)